From 7 to 10 days



  • Day 1: The tour starts after breakfast at 09:00 a.m. when we go for about 2 hours by private vehicle up to the bridge that crosses the Tiputini River. Before we get on the kayaks, the certified instructor gives a short instruction, safety advices and general recommendations. We go downriver for about 4 hours; on the course we discover abundant wildlife and extraordinary plants. At the end of the day, we set up camp on a sand bank on the river.

  • Day 2: After breakfast we continue downriver, spotting different bird species, monkeys, and with some luck we might even discover giant otters, anacondas, harpy eagle, sloths and more. We finish the day setting up camp on a sand bank where we have dinner and the guide shares interesting stories about the jungle on a campfire.

  • Day 3: In the morning we have a walk in the virgin jungle to discover its wildlife, like monkeys and with some luck peccary, medicinal plants and giant trees. In the afternoon we continue by kayak to our next campsite.

  •  Day 4: At 06:00 a.m. we go out by kayak to watch macaws, toucans, parrots, wild turkey, different kinds of monkeys and with lots of luck tapirs, giant otters, sloths and more. We set up camp on another spot and at night we have a nocturnal exploration to spot caimans

  • Day 5: We visit a lagoon where we can watch the prehistoric bird Hoatzin (Stinky Turkey) and we keep going by kayak until we reach another sandbank where we set up camp. A nocturnal walk is optional

  • Day 6: We navigate in our kayaks to the last campsite where we have a hike in the jungle. After dinner we set up a campfire for the last night.​

  • Day 7: After breakfast we board a motorized canoe with all the equipment to go countercurrent on the Napo River to get back to Coca where the tour ends. This kayak tour on the Tiputini River in the Yasuni National Park is calculated for at least 4 people, if your group only consists of 2 or 3 people, you should pay the difference to the full price of 4 people due to the calculated expenses and logistics.


  • The Eco-Lodge is on the riverbank of the Napo River in a natural and cozy environment. You can choose between queens, double, triple o quad rooms with mosquito nets and good mattresses, there are general bathrooms and showers, electricity, cell phone and internet signals and a private parking lot.

  • You have beautiful views over the Napo River, there is a private white sand beach with space to swim, you can walk in the ornamental garden and there are different paths to watch birds.

​The other option is to spend the night in a comfortable hotel in Puerto de Misahualli where the rooms have private bathrooms with hot water, air condition, TV, free Wi-Fi and swimming pool.