From 7 to 10 days



  • Day 1: After breakfast, the tour begins at 07:00 a.m. starting at the pier (malecón) on the Napo river. After a short explication and general recommendations, we will board the speed boat for 4 hours approximately for the 235 km trip to Nueva Rocafuerte. From there we keep going on the Yasuní river by private canoe. In the Tambococha Lagoon we can observe the prehistoric bird Horned Screamer (Anhima cornuta). We might also see the harpy eagle on the nest with its baby. After that we head towards Eco Lodge in Cocaya where we spend the night. After dinner we have time to relax.

  • Day 2: We head out at 06:00 a.m. by canoe, watching birds and monkeys on the Cocaya river, later we visit the Cocaya Lagoon where we have a short walk in the virgin jungle to discover wildlife and many extraordinary plants. In the afternoon we head up to the Lagarto Cocha Lagoon, where we set up camp por 2 nights on the shore of this third lagoon. After dinner, we watch caimans at night by canoe.

  • Day 3: We part at 05:30 a.m. and go around the lagoon to watch Pink river dolphins and the beautiful sunrise; once the sun is out, we have a walk in the virgin jungle where we find local wildlife and plants. You can decide if you go for a night walk after dinner.

  • Day 4: At 06:00 a.m. we start heading out by canoe and go up to the river mouth of the Yana Yacu River, where we row slowly for about 3 hours, watching many bird species, monkeys, caimans, and with a lot of luck we may even say giant otters, anacondas, sloths etc. Arriving at the fourth lagoon Sancudo Cocha, we get installed at the Eco Lodge where we will stay for 2 nights; in the afternoon we will go by canoe to watch pink river dolphins and beautiful scenery.

  • Day 5: We part at 05:30 a.m. to watch pink river dolphins, different monkey species, macaws, toucans, prehistoric birds like the stinky turkey (hoatzin) and others. We hike to discover fauna and flora; we will visit local families that will share their traditions and beliefs and their ancient culture with us. At night we go by canoe to spot black caimans. 

  • Day 6: At 06:00 a.m. we row by canoe down the Yana Yacu River until reaching the Napo River where we change into a motor canoe to head towards Nueva Rocafuerte where we spend our last night at hotel. 

  • Day 7: After your breakfast, we get on the speed boat that brings us back to Coca, where we have lunch and the tour of 7 days/ 6 nights ends.


  • The Eco-Lodge is on the riverbank of the Napo River in a natural and cozy environment. You can choose between queens, double, triple o quad rooms with mosquito nets and good mattresses, there are general bathrooms and showers, electricity, cell phone and internet signals and a private parking lot.

  • You have beautiful views over the Napo River, there is a private white sand beach with space to swim, you can walk in the ornamental garden and there are different paths to watch birds.

​The other option is to spend the night in a comfortable hotel in Puerto de Misahualli where the rooms have private bathrooms with hot water, air condition, TV, free Wi-Fi and swimming pool.