Waorani Territory Tours
From 7 to 10 days



  • Day 1: The tour starts after breakfast at 08:00am from the when we go for about 2 hours by private vehicle up to the bridge that crosses the Shiripuno River (about 125km from Coca), there we change into a motorized canoe that takes us about 5 hours on the Shiripuno River until we reach a sandbank in the river where we set up camp. Optional we can spend the night at the house of a Waorani family. On the way we can appreciate the beautiful nature surrounding us with birds and monkeys crossing our way.

  • Day 2: We navigate until we reach the Waorani community of Bameno where we will spend the night. On the way we can watch macaws, toucans, monkeys, tapirs, tortoises and more animals. 

  • Day 3: We have a hike in the jungle together with a Waorani guide who tells us about “his home”, the jungle with its plants, centenary trees (ceibo), monkeys, toucans, macaws and later the Waorani share with us their customs, traditions and ancient culture, for example he takes us on a walk where he shows us how to set up traps, how to prepare Curare, make arrows and extract cotton out of a tree and much more.

  • Day 4: We keep heading downriver until we reach the Cononaco River where we set up camp on a river sand bank for 2 nights, in the afternoon you can chose between fishing, hiking or have some leisure time and at night we go silently by canoe to spot caimans.

  • Day 5: At 05:00 a.m. we have a hike in the jungle up to a salt lick that is used by mammals and birds and where we could watch macaws and monkeys and with more luck peccaries or even a tapir. 

  • Day 6: At 06:00 a.m. we head out to spot different kinds of birds and monkeys, and with a lot of luck even giant otters or anaconda. We return upriver until approximately 16:00, when we set up our last camp on a river sand bank. After dinner we share stories on a campfire. 

  • Day 7: After breakfast, we head upriver until we reach the bridge where we board a private vehicle that brings us back to Coca and the tour of 7 days and 6 nights’ ends.


    • The Eco-Lodge is on the riverbank of the Napo River in a natural and cozy environment. You can choose between queens, double, triple o quad rooms with mosquito nets and good mattresses, there are general bathrooms and showers, electricity, cell phone and internet signals and a private parking lot.

    • You have beautiful views over the Napo River, there is a private white sand beach with space to swim, you can walk in the ornamental garden and there are different paths to watch birds.

    ​The other option is to spend the night in a comfortable hotel in Puerto de Misahualli where the rooms have private bathrooms with hot water, air condition, TV, free Wi-Fi and swimming pool.