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  • 3 nights and 4 days
  • South America

Limoncocha Reserve

Limoncocha National Biological Reserve is a nature reserve is located 229 miles from Quito. The reserve includes over 13,000 acres (53 km2) of land in the Shushufindi Canton, Sucumbíos Province.

There is a large concentration of Fauna in and around the reserve. The over 347 species of bird that live in the reserve make Birdwatching very popular attraction. Limoncocha also holds a large number of tortoises and a diverse population of fish.

The park is a largely water environment so a large portion of the Flora in the Nature reserve is either aquatic or semi-aquatic in nature. As with much of Ecuador towering trees provide homes for hundreds of types of animals. The microscopic algae in the water gives it a lemongreen color.

Much of the reserve is a lagoon style landscape that was formed by the ancient course of the Napo River. A small community of Quichua also live in the Reserve.











Tour Plan


Tour 4d / 3n Limoncocha Biological Reserve

Suitable for all ages and families / conservationists, biologists, scientists, ornithologists, ornithologists, etc.

Itinerary and programme from Prt. Misahualli

Day 1: The meeting point and start of the tour is from the central park of Prt. Misahualli at 08H00 and 30 am. Then we will go to Paikawe reserve where we will paddle canoe in lagoon to observe owls, Hoatzin, coots, arapaima gigas fish, monkeys and sloth bear in the wild, short 2h walk in the jungle along with mixed explanations of the fauna and flora.

Then, we will go by private vehicle for 15 minutes to the sector of Puente Latas, from here we will walk for 45 minutes through the jungle to a beautiful waterfall where it is possible to take a refreshing swim in a natural pool in the middle of the jungle.

Visit to a community to appreciate the Amazonian folklore, typical dances and ancestral customs, drive for 35 minutes to Misahualli eco-lodge where we will stay for the night.

Day 2: At 7 am. will be our breakfast, at 08h00 am. we will go by motor canoe on the Napo river for 4 hours at 118 km we arrive at Prt. Francisco de Orellana (coca).

The sources of the Napo river are born at the foot of the Cotopaxi volcano, from the moorlands and the eastern foothills of the Llanganates national park, the union of the Mulatos and Verdeyacu rivers that form the Jatunyacu river. the navigation by canoe on the Napo river from Prt. Misahualli offers an unforgettable tour of this river with its beautiful landscapes.

After our lunch in (coca) we continue by private vehicle for approximately 2h to the scientific station Limoncocha, crossing by canoe to the other side of the lagoon where we will stay in an eco-lodge for 2 more nights. before the end of the afternoon we will go to a special place to observe toucans, possible sport fishing for piranhas. after dinner we will go for a night walk.

Day 3: We start the day at 05:45 am to go to a platform where it is possible to observe monkeys and birds. after our breakfast we will go for a walk in the virgin forest for 3h discovering the fauna and flora together with the mixed explanations of medicinal plants, insects, observing monkeys, birds, the highlight of the tour visit a giant Pentandra Ceiba tree. in the afternoon we will go bird watching and monkey watching with our telescope and binoculars equipment’s.

After dinner we will do night navigation for the sighting of (black caiman - Melanosuchus Niger) observation of (fireflies a unique and magical spectacle).

Day 4: At 05H00 and 45 am. we leave by canoe to navigate through the canyon and the big lagoon for 3h. this trip will be special for the sighting of bird species and monkeys; we will appreciate the sunrise sunset. after our breakfast, we leave by canoe through the canyon of the lagoon with all the luggage to the station where we will take bus to the city of (coca) then we will take bus to continue to (Tena) where the tour of 4 days and 3 nights ends.

Description of the Eco-Lodge

  • The lodge is built with mixed materials from the jungle and the city, with double, triple and matrimonial rooms, all with beds, good mattresses, mosquito nets, electric generator, showers and general toilets.


  • Lodging in tourist class eco-lodge for 3 nights.
  • Navigation in private canoe from Misahualli Prt. to (Coca).
  • Private vehicle from (Coca) to Limoncocha.
  • Full meals menu type, strict vegetarian or pure vegetarian or omnivorous.
  • Purified water to drink during the tour.
  • Payment for all entrance fees and visits.
  • Certified naturalist guide bilingual English-Spanish.
  • Rubber boots (up to size #44 only).
  • Binoculars and telescope for bird and monkey watching.

Not included

  • Breakfast on the first day and dinner on the last day.
  • Hydrating drinks.
  • Personal backpack.
  • Rain jacket.
  • Sun block lotion.
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • Personal medicine kit.
  • Waterproof dry bag.
  • Trekking shoes.
  • Walking sticks.
  • Travel insurance policy.
  • Personal torch.
  • Bank transfer fee / PayPal / Western Union / 15% SRI tax.
  • Rubber boots (size bigger than #44).
  • Transport Quito - Tena or Prt. Misahualli / and return.
  • Any other requirements not specified.

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Email: ventas@selvaverde-misahualli.com / info.mishkisacha@gmail.com   

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