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Tayos Cave / Speleology and adventure

The Tayos Cave is located in the mountainous area called Cordillera del Condor. It takes its name from being the habitat of nocturnal birds called Tayos that inhabit numerous caves in the jungle of the (Amazon).

The Cueva de los Tayos is located in the virgin high jungle south of the Rio Santiago and 800 meters east of the Rio Coangos (Kuankus); according to the last measurement in 2012 with GPS altimeter, it is at 539 m.a.s.l. The Tayos Cave is part of the territory of the Shuar Arutam.

A mixed river tour with motor canoeing, jungle trekking, waterfalls, fauna and flora.  Unfathomable mysterious are hidden in the Cueva de los Tayos in Ecuador. It is a chasm or a very deep cavity in the earth that appears to be cut with very precise lines in the rock. The formation is estimated to be 200 millón years old.











Tours of 3d / 2n


Itinerary and tour programme

Day 1: The meeting point and start of the tour is from the bus terminal in Puyo Pastaza at 07:00 am. After breakfast. From here the expedition to the Tayos Cave starts.

This expedition to the Cave of the Tayos and Speleology in underground caverns: For this tour it is recommended to be in good physical condition to reach this mysterious cavern because you have to go through the jungle and descend by rappel with climbing ropes for about 60 meters approximately to the interior, and its return climb the same stretch with ropes to the mainland.

It is a geological formation that has given rise to several caverns that communicate with each other through galleries and passages of different heights and dimensions in the interior. There are heights ranging from 1 m.t to more than 50 m.t. In some parts the galleries are 300 m.t wide and reach more than 9 km long:

This first day we go canoeing on the river and hike through the jungle to the entrance of the cave where we spend 2 nights in tents. We finish the day with dinner. Before the rest we will tell stories about the Tayos Cave:

Day 2: After our breakfast, we start the expedition by a quite challenging and unforgettable journey, an exploratory walk of several km to discover its underground fauna and flora…Stalagmite and stalactite temples. Observation of various species of bats, spiders, scorpions, water salamanders, freshwater shrimps and crabs, toads, and with luck we find cave boas hunting bats. Inside the cave flows a beautiful river, a beautiful underground waterfall. After several hours of walking we return to the camp for dinner…Before resting we will make a souvenir of the day's tour.

Day 3: We start the day with a short breakfast. We then break camp and return to the exit where we make our ascent by climbing ropes to the top of the mainland. Here we have a comfortable lunch outside the cave.

We continue our hike to a Shuar family to share experiences of this culture. Then we return by canoe upstream to the port.

From here we continue by car to Puyo where the 2 nights and 3 days’ tour ends.


  • Land transportation from Puyo.
  • River transportation by canoe on the Santiago river.
  • Payment for all entrance fees and visits during the tour.
  • Purified wáter to drinks.
  • Certified native guide in caving, bilingual, Spanish-English.
  • Tents for camping.
  • Full meals menu type, strict vegetarian or pure vegetarian or omnivorous.
  • Approved caving equipment.
  • Helmet, pelvic harness, chest harness.
  • Ropes and pulleys, carabiners.
  • Permits to enter Shuar territory.
  • Entrance to the cave.
  • Permission to spend the night inside the cave.
  • Photography and videos.
  • Excursions and activities according to itinerary.
  • Rubber boots (only up to size # 44).

Not include

  • Breakfast on the first day and dinner on the last day.
  • Hydrating drinks.
  • Personal backpack.
  • Rain jacket.
  • Coats for the cold.
  • Hat, sunglasses.
  • Sun block / mosquito repellent.
  • Dry bag / Waterproof.
  • Trekking shoes.
  • Walking poles.
  • Personal equipment and medicines.
  • Travel insurance policy.
  • Personal medical kit.
  • Personal torch.
  • Bank transfer fee / PayPal / Western Union / 15% tax to SRI.
  • Rubber boots (size larger than #44).
  • Any other requirements not specified.
  • Transport ticket by bus Quito-Puyo or Baños Puyo.

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