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  • All-inclusive packages: 7, 10, 15, 18, and 21 days.
  • South America

Tour from 18 to 21 days, Amazonia, Oriente, Andes Highlands, Pacific Coast, Galapagos Islands

7, 10, 15, 18, to 21 days.

It allows you to travel through the 4 regions of Ecuador: the Highlands of the Andes, the eastern Ecuadorian Amazon, the Galapagos Islands and the Pacific Coast.












You will enjoy unique trips, with unsurpassed adventure experiences, which can be combined at the client’s request, with self-sufficient resources, allowing the luxury of exploring the 4 regions, interacting with wildlife, ancestral cultures, enjoying unique landscapes, volcanoes, the Amazon, and the Galapagos Islands.

Preformat in price details 2024 for 18 days and 17 nights. Minimum 2 adult passengers

  • Private transport for 2 to 18 passengers $220 for each day, for 18 days $3960.
  • Lodging with private bathroom, hot water, WIFI, TV. $18 dollars for each night, for 17 nights per person. $306
  • Meals $8 per meal for 3 meals per day $24 per passenger, for 18 days $432 per passenger.
  • Sightseeing and entrance fees $15 per day p.p. for 18 days $270 per passenger.
  • Private bilingual guide in Spanish and English $95 per day per group for 18 days $1,710.
  • Tour Isla de la Plata full day $45: p.p.
  • Salango Island Tour full day $45: p.p.
  • Amazon jungle tour options from 3/ 5/ /7 days, tours and prices on: www.selvaverde-misahualli.com

Preformat in price details 2024 for 21 days and 20 nights. Minimum 2 adult passengers.

  • Private transport for 2 to 18 passengers price per day. $220 dollars, for 21 days. $4620.
  • Lodging with private bathroom, hot water, WIFI, TV. $18 dollars per night, for 20 nights per person. $360.
  • Meals $8 per meal for 3 meals per day $24 per passenger, for 21 days $504 per passenger.
  • Sightseeing and entrance fees $15 per day p.p. for 21 days $315 per passenger.
  • Private bilingual guide in Spanish and English $95 per day per group for 21 days $1,995.
  • Tour Isla de la Plata full day $45: p.p.
  • Salango Island Tour full day $45: p.p.
  • Amazon jungle tour options from 3/ 5/ /7 days, enquiries for tours and prices at: www.selvaverde-misahualli.com

Tour Plan


Day 1:

Meeting with the passengers in Quito, then transfer by private vehicle to La Laguna La Mica in the Antisana Ecological Reserve, at the foot of the Antisana Volcano. It is a classic visit for nature lovers, with its dazzling views of the snow-capped mountain and a great diversity of wildlife, especially deer, curiquingues, páramo foxes, rabbits, and sometimes wild horses, spectacled bears, Andean condor, its lagoon and a beautiful viewpoint in its splendour. We continue to the sector of Guango to observe species of hummingbirds, we continue the journey to the community Oyacachi where we will stay in the community, typical dinner of the sector trout with garlic. Optional bath in the hot springs pools of Cayambe volcano.


Day 2:

Walking tour to visit the artisans who make fine wood crafts of local art in the community. We continue by vehicle to visit 2 beautiful waterfalls, San Rafael waterfall of 160 meters high water fall, waterfall of the bad river 60 meters high. Lunch in Chaco or Baeza trout a la plancha or al Maito. Lodging in Archidona.


Day 3:

Exploration inside the Jumandy cavern, transfer to paycawe lagoon where you will navigate by canoe to observe species of birds, owls, and monkeys, 2h walk in the jungle to discover the fauna and flora. Observation of white capuchin monkeys at Misahualli Prt. Lodging at Misahualli Eco-lodge.


Day 4:

We travel by motor canoe down the river to the rescue centre for wild animals "Amazónico". Visit to the community to appreciate the elaboration of ceramics, extraction of the pita fibre to make handicrafts, demonstration of the chicha of the yucca, we learn to elaborate the chocolate of cocoa to taste with a delicious fruit salad, typical dance, practice with the blowpipe, silent weapon of hunting. Observation of caimans in a lagoon - white spectacled crocodiles. We travel by canoe to a Kichwa community where we will stay for a second night in rustic bungalows. Finish the day with dinner.


Day 5:

At 05h00 am. The tour begins with the activity of cleaning the shaman around a campfire and drinking Guayusa tea, ancestral stories and legends narrated by an elder of the community. At 06h am, we go by canoe to a clay lick of parrots and parakeets. Visit to a big Pentandra Ceiba tree, children's school, communal meeting house, we will do the tubing activity on the river. Typical lunch of the Amazonian gastronomy in the community. Navigation by canoe to the bridge where we continue by vehicle to the city of Puyo where we will stay.


Day 6:

Travel by vehicle to the ola Vida reserve where we will visit the beautiful viewpoint in its splendour overlooking the Sangay volcano, Pailón del Diablo waterfall, Manto de la Novia waterfall, tarabita crossing over the canyon of the Pastaza river. Lodging in Baños de Agua Santa. Night tour by chiva.


Day 7:

City tour in Baños, visit to the end of the world swing and tree house, glass bridge, AnimalPark, Sanctuary and Catholic Basilica Nuestra Señora del Rosario de Agua Santa de Baños, typical lunch at the exquisite Llapingachos market. Recreation in the medicinal water pools of the Tungurahua volcano. Relaxing night in one of the best typical bars of the city.


Day 8:

Drive to the Devil's Nose in Alausí, visit the ruins of Ingapirca, an archaeological complex of Inca origin. Overnight in Cuenca.


Day 9:

City tour. Market and typical breakfast in the market, visit to the cathedral church of the city, a very relevant icon in the history of the XVI century, hat museum, viewpoint of turi. Parish of San Juaquien Barbón, accommodation in Cuenca.


Day 10:

Travel via the Pacific coast on the route of the sun, on the way to the crossing through the national park El cajas we will make technical stops to appreciate the beautiful landscapes of the páramo and its lagoons. Overnight stay on the beaches of Villamil la costa.


Day 11:

Visit to El Morro Mangrove Wildlife Refuge where you will observe dolphins and Bird Island, visit to the Chocolatera, a wildlife observation point located in the Puntilla Santa Elena Marine Fauna Production Reserve, species of sea lions, dolphins.


Day 12:

Visit to the Salt Pools for bird watching. This is a special ecosystem where there are local migratory and aquatic birds such as the Black-necked Stork, the Black-necked Stork, the Royal Tern and the Roseate Pearl of the area, the Chilean Flamingo and hundreds of other birds. We then go to Heart Island where we will observe frigate bird species and the mangrove forest. Overnight at Prt.


Day 13:

Full Day tour Isla de la Plata. Navigation inland for 1h to Isla de la Plata, option long walk of 3 to 4h or short walk of 2h, where you can observe different species of birds in the main nesting and breeding site of seabirds such as blue-footed boobies, Nazca boobies, red-footed boobies, tropical birds, frigates, pelicans, albatroz. Snorkelling to see colourful fish, turtles. Hedgehogs.



Day 14:

Full Day tour Salango Island for sea lion watching, sport fishing, snorkelling, and enjoy the white sandy beach. In the months of every year from July to September you will observe full Humpback Whales.


Day 15:

Full day tour playa los frailes Machalilla national park, community agua Blanca where you will visit archaeological museum, history and culture, bath in water lagoon with Sulphur, additional massage with medicinal mud of Sulphur and oil of Palo Santo and shamanism. The day ends with dinner in Prt. López.


Day 16:

Travel from 10 to 12h from Prt. López to the Quilotoa community where we will stay in a hostel.


Day 17:

Descent for 45 minutes to Quilotoa Lake, ascent to the 3 beautiful viewpoints of Quilotoa, visit to the Shalala viewpoint where you will appreciate the spectacle of Quilotoa Lake and the impressive landscape in its splendour. Toachi Canyon. Travel for 5 hours to Otavalo where we will stay.


Day 18:

Full day tour, visit to Peguche waterfall, El Condor bird sanctuary, Cuicocha lagoon, leather market in Cotacachi.



Day 19:

City tour in Otavalo, Plaza de los ponchos, a handicraft market of the indigenous people of the area. Drive to Mindo where we will stay for the night.


Day 20:

City tour in Mindo, visit to the butterfly farm, and hummingbird drinking troughs in their natural state. Afterwards, trip to Quito where we will stay.


Día 21:

City tour in the city of Quito, visit to the half of the world and intiñan museum, house of culture. Lunch and end of the 18-21 day tour.

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